Rubizzo Toscana Sangiovese

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Toscana IGT

Tinto | Sangiovese – Merlot

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At the end of the 1970s, Rubizzo was something of a revolution for Chianti drinkers, who were used to wines that based their vigor on a mostly acidic structure, were not suited to aging and were rather pale in color.

Italo wanted a wine with greater aromatic complexity, more smoothness and more coloring substances, but at the same time also an enjoyable drinkability that would make it suitable for any palate and situation.

In a certain sense, Rubizzo was a precursor for a taste that subsequently became very common amongst wineries and wine consumers. It is the wine that has accompanied Rocca delle Macìe throughout its history, changing and evolving in step with the winery.

Rubizzo Toscana IGT

Grape varietals Sangiovese and a small percentage of Merlot Production


This wine is made with carefully selected and ripened grapes, vinified with the latest controlled fermentation techniques to keep the temperature constant. This wine is ready for bottling in the spring following harvest so it can preserve all of its distinctive freshness acquired during fermentation.

Wine description

Color: brilliant ruby red with violet highlights.

Nose: intense, pleasantly savory with elevated sensations of ripe red fruit.

Taste: sapid, smooth and full bodied.

Winemaker’s recommendation Serve at a temperature of 10/12 °C.

Perfect for every course, it is particularly suited to pair with pasta and red or white meat, along with spicy foods and fish entrees or soups and roasted fish.

ABV: 12,5%