Sasyr Toscana IGT

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Igt Toscana

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Sasyr…’the discovery of another world’ – so states the advertising for this wine.

Some have called it a ‘wine for women’: even if that definition can have numerous (and not fully congruent) interpretations, perhaps – if we think in terms of its ‘otherness’ – more than a ‘wine for women’ we like to refer to it as a ‘Vino Donna’, a wine with a feminine soul.

Sasyr is a highly quaffable wine that is fruity and polished on the palate, with no sharp edges; well-rounded, sinuous, and immensely drinkable.

Like all great Women, it has character and personality, making for a complete, well-balanced wine. In relation to more ‘masculine’ wines that require specific matches to find a sense of equilibrium at the dinner table, Sasyr is a very versatile proposal that works well with all manner of dishes, but is also very pleasant on its own, accompanied only by some great music.

Sasyr Toscana IGT

Grape varietals Sangiovese 60%, Syrah 40%

Production Technique

This wine is made with carefully selected and ripened grapes, grown in the Maremma vineyards.

The latest controlled fermentation techniques used to produce this wine help to preserve the intense colour and the primarily aromas coming from the grapes.

About 15% of the Sangiovese ages in small French oak barrels for about six months.

Wine description

Color: intense ruby red .

Nose: very intense and complex, with fruity aromas of cherry, blackberry and raspberry.

Taste: smooth with a good structure, it has a pleasant freshness and a long persistent aromatic finish.

Winemaker’s recommendations Very versatile wine, it combines well with many different courses based on meats and cheeses. It is a very pleasant wine also drank by itself. Serve at a temperature of 16/18 °C.

ABV: 13,5%